Suanne Harmon


Suanne Harmon, as the bookkeeper, is blessed to be serving the Lord on staff at El Camino. This position has been a great fit for her and her knack for numbers.

Born and raised in central Nebraska, when Suanne was age five, her parents became believers and began attending a Bible church; her faith soon followed. After high school she graduated from Grace University, a Bible college in Omaha, with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and an Associate’s in Bible.

She has attended El Camino since 2005, when the Lord brought her and her husband, Tony, to Tucson as missionaries. They serve with an aviation ministry flying for pastors, Bible translators, dentists, doctors and sometimes medical evacuations in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Northern Mexico. Tony, an aircraft mechanic, maintains the mission’s fleet at Ryan Airfield in Tucson.

Suanne and Tony, married for 24 years and counting, have four children, two twenty-somethings and two teenagers.