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Our team includes men and women with varied backgrounds in ministry, academia, and the Tucson community. The one thing they all have in common is their love of Christ.

Brad Albin - Senior Pastor

The Goodness of God will always be one of my favorite topics because my life is a living testimony to his Grace. The same God who brought us Rock-N-Roll, created the Heavens, and BBQ Ribs (amen), saw fit to bless me with my incredible wife Natalie and our two kids, Harper and Matthew. It blows my mind every time I think of it. I believe God is still using His church to accomplish big things, and I am honored to share that message of Hope with you each Sunday. The Bible is God’s revelation of who He is and His love for us, and being a Herald of that message brings me great joy.

A prize-winning master of interesting yet useless knowledge (no, really, I’ve won prizes), I promise not to fill my sermons with them – though I will use a well-timed movie quote if the occasion calls for it!

Fast facts for those of you that like that sort of thing:

  1. I hold a Master of Theology from Liberty University Baptist Theological Seminary.
  2. My ministry has spanned over a decade in a variety of roles, including youth pastor and head teaching pastor.
  3. I enjoy honey on my pepperoni pizza. Don’t knock it. It’s delicious.

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Pastor Brad Albin, his wife, and two children smile in a clearing.

Church Staff

Susanne Harmon Headshot.

Suanne Harmon

Church Administrator

I deeply appreciate small particulars, and I believe that we glorify God when we take care of even the smallest detail. As a bookkeeper, it makes me happy when every penny is accounted for because they're all God's pennies. Like much of Tucson, I am a transplant to the desert. Raised in Nebraska on an honest-to-goodness farm, I still believe the Midwest has some of the most beautiful nature in the world! I know Arizona has amazing sunsets - BUT you haven’t really seen one until you’re watching the sun lower behind a golden wheat crop on a long summer night! My husband and I came to Tucson as missionaries with UIM Aviation and have been part of their ministry since 2001.
Richard Christensen Heashot

Richard Christensen

Facilities Manager

Taking care of people is kind of my thing, and I love that I care for our church by keeping the buildings and grounds safe and functional and ensuring a safe space for us to gather and worship. My favorite things are my wife and family, but fishing and camping come in a close second! I believe you can overcome overwhelm by doing just ONE thing at a time, and sometimes doing that one thing goes by a bit faster when paired with the perfect oldies playlist.
Jenny Manchester Headshot

Jenny Manchester

Receptionist and Facilities Reservations

I pray that my interactions with those that come through our church doors leave people feeling the joy of God’s love for us. I adore natural rainbows; each time I see one, I feel like it’s been painted there by God just for me! Laughing is my absolute favorite, and I am a wealth of jokes- the sillier, the better (I've been known to crack myself up occasionally, so if you need a giggle, I am definitely your gal!). I met my husband at church; we have been married for 15 years. We have three children, two school-aged kiddos and an adult son who is a chef in France, pursuing his dream of opening a restaurant.
David Eckert Headshot

David Eckert

Director of Traditional Music

David serves as the Director of Music at El Camino, and leads the music in the 9:00 AM Traditional Service. He was called into the music ministry while commissioned in the United States Navy in 1990, and ordained to the gospel ministry in 1991. A graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, he holds a Master of Music degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. He has served churches in California, Texas, Illinois, and Arizona. He and his wife Lori have four grown daughters all of whom participated in the Children’s, Youth, and College Ministries at El Camino. David has been called to lead the redeemed in Christ to obey the Great Commandment and the Great Commission through the mandate of the 150th Psalm, fulfilling their ultimate purpose of glorifying God and enjoying Him forever.
Amber Todd Headshot

Amber Todd

Director of Children's Ministry

As Director of Children's Ministries, I wholeheartedly believe that kids matter to God. Fostering a safe place for our youngest church members to grow in their knowledge and understanding of Jesus has proven to be the perfect place to apply my collection of diverse interests! How good is God to provide a space where a love of writing, reading, research, drawing, paper crafts, singing, and folk dance can all be explored for His glory? Helping our volunteers have successful teaching experiences and nurturing connections between our children and their families that attend El Camino is one of the favorite perks of my job. I love knowing that even the tiniest child can have a kingdom-sized impact when Jesus is the Lord of their life.

My husband Jonathan and I are self-proclaimed nerds. Our favorite movies all have the word “Star” somewhere in the title, and if you are looking for someone to discuss the structural integrity of a starship, I’m your gal!

Vicki Daugherty Headshot

Vicki Daugherty


Adam Haynes

Interim Youth Director


Headshot of Marvin Temple.

Marvin Temple


Paul Davis headshot.

Paul Davis III


Headshot of Jonathan Whitaker

Jonathan Whitaker


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John Richard


Headshot of Phil Roberts

Phil Roberts


Headshot of Bob Koenig

Bob Koenig


Headshot of Brad Albin

Brad Albin


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Mark Scheuerman


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